MCH Orgameet November 2021

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MCH Orgameet November 2021
Name MCH2021 Orga Meeting november 2021
StartDate 2021/11/28 13:37:00
EndDate 2021/11/28 23:59:00
Where for fun and to talk on Jitsi*

* if you choose to use the first link you can join the Jitsi channel by going to the "main stage" on the map and you do not need to open the Jitsi link separately


More Details will be added in the next few weeks

Name Team Comment
Imagenotfound.png Stitch Nickname: Stitch

Team:Projectleiding Ich liebe es wenn ein Plan functioniert
Imagenotfound.png Rizoom Nickname: Rizoom

Imagenotfound.png Martian Nickname: Martian

Imagenotfound.png Hp197 Nickname: Hp197

Imagenotfound.png Halcyon Nickname: Halcyon

Imagenotfound.png Netsmurf Nickname: Netsmurf



Uploaded for archival reasons.