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Exact name Colocation
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Description The Colocation Center is part of the certified Realraum / Leiwandville Dome Data Center Park.
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Tags Network, Internet, Colo, Server, Services, Hosting
Located at village Village:Realraum
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COLOCATION IS CANCELLED due to problems with NOC as-well as logistical problems


The Colocation Center is part of the certified Realraum / Leiwand Ville Dome Data Center Park.

We offer space, power and network connectivity for your server, storage, and networking equipment.

Please consider that we have no supervised access to the colocation center.


  • private network interconnect
  • internet access

Available ports

  • 100M (Base-T)
  • 1G (Base-T)
  • 10G (SFP+)
  • 25G
  • 40G
  • 100G

Please bring your own transceivers or DAC-cable.


EPVPN 3307