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Exact name Whiskyleaks
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Description A Dutch informal hacker meetup called Fristileaks
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Persons working on AlainvanHoof, Anus, Fd0, Quux

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Tags fristi, whisky, whiskey, hackers, meeting, social
Located at village Village:Ceci n'est pas un Village
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A Dutch informal hacker meetup called Fristileaks / Whiskyleaks.

Since there are some people heavily involved in all kind of tasks during MCH2022, we are currently looking at organising this project twice. So please make a pencil reservation for Saturday 23 July and Monday 25 July in your Agenda.

As always Fristileaks is organised by some individual who thinks it is long overdue, and sponsored by its participants. Some basic stuff like whisky, maybe a bottle of cola or lemonade (please do not, NOT, mix with whisk(e)y), and sone chips are provided, but if you need a tasing glass you need to bring it, and sharing other drinks and food is considered caring.

We are all nerds in some degree, so the environment will not be more awkward than any other gathering of our tribe.

Peat rules!

More information will follow.