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Exact name HAM Radio Repeater
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Description This project aims to provide a HAM radio repeater
Has website
Persons working on Flimpie, MrLinux, Techwolf12, Wheeze NL

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The goal of this project is to provide an Analog HAM Radio repeater for the visitors of MCH2022.

A repeater is a radio appliance that listens on one frequency, and rebroadcasts whatever it is receiving on another frequency. Placing a repeater in a central location with more power allows people to broadcast on a much wider scale than direct communication.

This repeater will operate in the HAM Radio band, meaning that it can be used by licensed operators. There was a lot of interest in this in previous meetings, so we would like to make this happen!

Repeater info

Callsign PI2MCH
Frequency In (Repeater side) 430.7000 MHz
Frequency Out (Repeater side) 438.3000 MHz
CTCSS 88.5 Hz


We need your help for this project!

If you think a HAM Repeater is a worthy addition, please consider contributing, we need a total of 295 euros for the Agentschap Telecom license.

User:Wheeze NL has already said he can likely provide the hardware. User:Flimpie will be the one requesting the license. Big thanks to both!

A good filter for 7.6Mhz shift is still needed.

As he doesn't like to hold other people's money for a longer period of time, you can register here and be notified when the Agentschap Telecom bills will be paid.

SEPA payments only please.

You can add yourself to this table:

Nick Amount you like to contribute Contact method Remarks
User:Techwolf12 25 Email or IRC (see profile)
User:DL7TNY 150 Email
User:Dronebuster 100 Email PA3UAV
User:MrLinux 50 Email
User:AlRus 50 - 75 Email
Orga MCH2022 50 Email -
User:PhilmacFLy 25 Email
User:IanMono 25 Email
User:Xenomatrix 10 Email PA0AA
User:on4tux 20 Email
User:Douglas 20 see profile