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Techwolf12 Verfied.png
Arrival 2022-07-14
Departure 2022-07-27
BuildupTime Unknown
BuildupVehicle Car, Transporter
Bringing HackRF, Party tent, Induction cookplate, hugs
Village Village:ChaosFurs
Working on Projects:HAM Radio Repeater
DECT 2585
Languages English, Dutch
Callsign PD0TW
Team Team:ROC
HackerSpace Revspace, Technologia Incognita (TechInc)

Hi there!

First time joining an event in this series and super excited! I'm a HAM Radio operator, I write software and manage infrastructure for work, but I also like playing with hardware and electronics.

Contact methods

There are some ways to contact me during or outside the event.
IRC: techwolf12 @ OFTC/Libera Chat
Pager: If you are a HAM Radio operator, use my callsign pd0tw via DAPNET, or a POCSAG message to my RIC ID: 2040188 on 439.9875 Mhz to send me a page.
EMail: My address is listed on the user info, might not check this much during the event
DECT: My DECT is listed on the user info on the right!

What I do at the event

As orga, I will be there to support orga with their DMR radios as part of my Team:ROC duties. I'll be responsible for the Village:ChaosFurs and will likely mostly hang out here.

Other than that, hanging out, meeting hackers and having fun!