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Exact name PolyCoin Game
Generated Design (experiment here)
Description A game played across MCH where PolyCoin units are captured by RFID card
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Tags Game, RFID
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This is a game where people capture the PolyCoin crypto miner units that are deployed across MCH by using an RFID card. When first presented with an RFID card it'll ask you to select a team to join (a global corporation). Once you've selected a team every PolyCoin crypto miner unit you visit and present your RFID card to will change to your team colour. Scoring is by holding a crypto miner unit, the longer you hold it the more points (or PolyCoins) you accrue.

RFID cards are available for free from the PolyCoin HQ located near to Heaven. We encourage people to bring their own RFID cards if they can to save these for those who don't have one with them. A scoreboard is also on display in Heaven and will be published online.

For any queries about this please contact @Trikkitt on Twitter.