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Exact name UbaBot
Generated Design (experiment here)
Description self-made cocktail robot
Has website
Persons working on Fivef, Sk1ll10, Xythobuz

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Tags cocktails, drinks, robot, frubar
Located at village Village:Frubar
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We provide fully autonomously created, cooled cocktails at the camp!

Drinks are available. Come by to Frubar Island Village in Manning Field.

We have up to 20 ingredients, a stand-alone cooler that chills six of these ingredients. The machine automatically dispenses ice cubes, fills the glass with drinks and mixes the contents.

We also have developed a UbaBot App in the MCH2022 Badge Hatchery! Get it to automatically register an account with your nickname at the machine and log in when you're there. That way your drinks and approximated blood alcohol content (BAC) is shown to you.

The github repo is not up to date unfortunately. We hope to improve that situation in the future.