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Exact name Demoparty : TIC-80 Byte battle
Generated Design (experiment here)
Description Demoparty
Has website
Persons working on Zeno4ever

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Tags demoparty, tic80, tic-80, fantasy console
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TIC-80 fantasy console byte battle is a friendly knockout competition to make a demo on a random chosen topic in limited time (25 min) and limited size (256 bytes). This event will take place during the MCH2022 hackers camping that take place between 22nd to 26th July.

TIC-80 is a fantasy console with limited resources like 240x136 pixels display, 16 color palette, 256 8x8 color sprites, 4 channel sound , etc. This gives the TIC-80 a very retro look and feel.

This byte battle is a good representation of the demoscene, where coders/hackers with very limited resources in hard or software make stunning audio and visual effects. In Europe the demoscene got status of cultural heritage in Finland, Germany and Polen and requested for Netherlands and other countries. If you want to make the demoscene a cultural heritage in Netherlands join our Discord server "Art of Coding"

For any question or remarks contact me : zeno4ever

Getting started with TIC-80

To get started here is a small collection of TIC-80 sites, some focused on size coding.

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