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Exact name Demoparty : TIC-80 Byte Jam
Generated Design (experiment here)
Description Demoparty TIC-80 Byte Jam
Has website
Persons working on Fgenesis, Io, RaccoonViolet, Yrlf, Zeno4ever

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Tags demoparty, tic80, tic-80, fantasy console
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TIC-80 Byte Jam

MCH2022 TIC-80 Invite

TIC-80 fantasy console Byte Jam is a friendly competition to make a demo in a relaxed atmosphere. This can take an hour or more depending on the inspiration and time needed of the participants. You could follow the suggested random chosen topic, make your own thing, or just visit to watch the livecoding and vibe to the music. This event will take place during the MCH2022 hackers camping that take place between 22nd to 26th July,


This is the plan for the program, please note we can still be changing.

See also in official mch programm, Saturday 22-07-23, 23:20–00:20, in Clairvoyance

  • 22:40 Start
  • Every round 40 minutes
    • 1 Lynn vs Blinry
    • 2 Gasman vs Superogue
  • 00:40 The End

Gameboy hacker io will spin a relaxing chiptune set to accompany the event!

For all participants, be there at 22:20 or a bit sooner. Between 21:00-22:00 we go to set up / test the equipment in Clairvoyance


TIC-80 is a fantasy console with limited resources like 240x136 pixels display, 16 color palette, 256 8x8 color sprites, 4 channel sound , etc. This gives the TIC-80 a very retro look and feel.

There is also something as a Byte Battle, this is a knockout competition to make a demo in limited size (256 bytes) in limited time (25 mins) on a specific topic. This is very fun to see but more stressful for the participants. For this first Byte Jam on mch2022 we chose for the Byte Jam option, also to get accustomed to this format.

Getting started with TIC-80

To get started here is a small collection of TIC-80 sites, some focused on size coding.

Join Byte Jam

You already have to be on mch2022 to participate. We also allow remote participation, include if you're going to be local or remote. planned on Saturday 23 July 11:20-0:20 in Clairvoyance track


Everyone that visit gets a shiny mch2022 badge to play with. We would like to organize a badge demo party to see what creations you made during the mch camp. We plan to have this on Monday evening 25 July 21:00 in the badge tent. This is not set in stone, so it might become an other date/time.

If you want to show off your badge demo add your name here :

  • yrlf (organizing, not sure if demo ready in time)
  • .. add your username


This byte jam is a good representation of the demoscene, where coders/hackers with very limited resources in hard or software make stunning audio and visual effects. In Europe the demoscene got status of cultural heritage in Finland, Germany and Poland and requested for Netherlands and other countries. If you want to make the demoscene a cultural heritage in Netherlands join our Discord server "Art of Coding" To get started in the demoscene check out this document : teach yourself demoscene in 14 days

Also check out Field-FX, they want to promote demoscene on hackercampings.

For any question or remarks contact me : zeno4ever on Discord

I would like to help to organize

Right now we search for people that can comment the live coding. You can reach us on Discord Field-FX (mch chat channel).