Session:Set up your own Matrix Server

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Starts at 2022-07-23 16:00
Ends at 2022/07/23 18:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Village:FraMa

‼️ Just in case - bring a chair

A guided tour on how to set up your own Synapse Matrix server.

What to do here:

  • Getting started with Synapse
    • either via distribution's package manager
    • or Docker
  • Set up everything for smooth Voip
  • No backup - no mercy: A basic backup/restore strategy

What to bring:

  • A laptop + shell experience
  • A Linux server with an up to date OS (or Docker)
  • 2-3 domains
    • Given your main domain is
    • Set up a sub-domain for the Matrix server: e.g.
    • Optionally for hosting a chat client: e.g.
  • Optionally an SMTP account to enable notifications and password reset mails
  • Optionally a second IP address to host a TURN server