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During the camp we will run a shuttle service between railway station Nijkerk and MCH2022.

To plan your trip to Nijkerk station use the website of the Dutch railway company:

Please note that the shuttle service depends on enough angels being able to pick up shuttle shifts. No service guarantees can be given. :-)


A shuttle ticket costs 2.50€ (which is way below the actual cost of the shuttle service) and can be bought here: or at the shuttle.

It is valid for a round-trip.

Schedule - During the event

The shuttle will run approximately every 30-60 minutes from day 0 (July 21st) up to day +1 (July 27th) between 10 am (starting at camp) and 0.30 o clock (leaving the train station).

Note: This depends on angels signing up for shuttle shifts!

Simply show up at the pickup/dropoff point and wait for the shuttle to show up. It's not possible to give you an exact time when the shuttle will leave. Please don't ask for it.

In case of questions, call INFO.

Pickup/DropOff points

Nijkerk Station: Pickup Point Nijkerk Station.png

MCH2022: Shuttle-dropoff.png

Schedule - Buildup/Teardown

The shuttle will run on demand from July 18th through July 20th, and on July 28th (until the afternoon).
On Wednesday the 27th the shuttle service will start at 7:00 AM.

Please request your teardown-shuttle with the shuttle angel(s) in heaven.