Team:Family/meeting 2022-06-01

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Team:Family/meeting 2022-06-01
Name MCH2022 Team:Family meeting
StartDate 2022/06/01 20:30:00
EndDate 2022/06/01 21:00:00


This page is part of the Team:Family of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

Because the main orga meeting moved from 2022/06/08 to 20222/06/01, we'll first allow people to join the main orga meeting before we start the family meeting. The family meeting will start around 20:30 at


Current attendance estimate Based on

  Conference attendance: 2122
  Kids > 2006 (<16 y/o): 52
  Kids > 2010 (<12 y/o): 72
  Kids > 2016 (<6 y/o): 45
  Total kids: 169 / 7.9%
  Total expected conference: 3500 Total expected kids (7.9%): 277

Terrain location Notes: move the CTF tent (if they actually participate) -> Haakjes will send email to team terrain

AV equipment

DONE: we should contact team productiehuis to figure out AV possibilities: last time we used a big TV and a set of speakers + microphone --> stef wil contact for a big screen, speakers and microphone

No news so far, we keep it on the list so we do not forget about this.

Child care

We have a proposal:

Ruimte in de tent, hoeveel? requirements?

DONE: Via hp197 van finance voor accoord finance at, dan accoord geven

DONE: checken voor lunch -> de kids need to eat too, so maybe just get some stuff from supermarket? (or maybe plan a pancake party with the help of some parents? -> will arrange on-site). They arrange their own food

TODO: parkeerruimte voor 2 auto's regelen

No pre-registration, just a paper form to enroll on site.

Child care is arranged!


  • Ball pits, Bouncy castles, Large Lego Blocks are ordered
  • Sand pit is (probably) ordered
  • DONE: Add inflatable fun land to the wiki as a project (Mike)

Increasing team size

  • We should follow up on the angel system, to allow for shifts and such -> [Sim] / Pikachu
  • We should promote the bi-weekly meeting (irc, twitter, wiki, mailinglist)
  • TODO: We can send a targetted email to children tickets. Send the contents of the email to team ticket and they can probably send it to all the children tickets. -> [Sim]


  • Wiki updates for next meetings -- DONE by haakjes
  • TODO: Update the planning to have a clear overview of what is left to organize -> TODO for haakjes for the next meeting

Incoming mail =

Mail from VPRO

  • We will have to communicate with team PR/press on this. One thing to think about is weather there is actually anybody that is willing to go on TV, and any kids that can be shown. -> [Sim]

Mail from Mike

  • TODO: Align with team projectleiding (ask Boekenwuurm) regarding who is considered orga (and can eat), specifically asking for spouses + kids [Pikachu]
  • TODO: Align with team volunteers (ask Sebastius) regarding the food vouchers for angel shifts [Pikachu]

Mail / Request regarding hammock area

Also asked during the orga meeting (by Moem) today: team deco has a plan for an hammock area, which should be relatively cheap (10 euro per hammock), but they do not have the time/capacity to organize this area.

" During the last field day. Redlizard and I were walking on the path at the back end of the Family area and noticed the field on the other end of the path, which has a bunch of trees at convenient distances. This could easily be converted into a hammock area with some interesting lighting. It's a pretty small and cheapish project ( see: ) but not really a Deco project and we have our hands full as it is. Are y'all interested in doing this?"

  • TODO: Put it as possible project on the page and revisit this in a next meeting -> fhp

mail team:security

  • noise
  • TODO: talk to team safety regarding what to do when there are complains.
  • missing children protecol
  • TODO: take the missing children protocol of last time and put it on the wiki, and we'll discuss team safety and we'll also use this during the drill (suggested time: same as last time, the night before the actual start of the event).
  • TODO: ask team safety for their plan (Boekenwuurm). Based on this, we'll see if we do a separate meeting with team safety, or discuss during build-up.

Lost Kid Scenario

  1. Call 2222 (+31622005297)
  2. Determine name, picture, description of clothing and language
  3. Search
    1. Find volunteers
    2. Distribute name, picture, description of clothing and language
    3. Split up in teams and split the area
    4. First thing to look: ditch running alongside family village
  4. Keep in communication with 2222