Team:Family/meeting 2022-07-19

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Team:Family/meeting 2022-07-19
Name MCH2022 Team:Family meeting
StartDate 2022/07/19 20:00:00
EndDate 2022/07/19 21:00:00


This page is part of the Team:Family of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

Current attendance estimate Based on

  Conference attendance: 3132
  Kids > 2006 (<16 y/o): 64
  Kids > 2010 (<12 y/o): 90
  Kids > 2016 (<6 y/o): 74
  Total kids: 228

Meeting schedule

  • Morning Stand-ups (???) @9am? 10am?
   * When is the ORGA stand-up? 10am, right?
       * We don't need to be there every day - didn't do it last time
   * Agreed to do 10am standup
  • Anyone already there wednesday morning? Else: start Thursday (-1) onwards?
   * Haakjes will be there Wed @ 10am
   * Anyone else there on Wed join Haakjes on the field outside workshop tent


  • Updates?
   * Will do two (short) intro meetings (thursday/friday) before we add ppl as angels
   * Thursday / Friday 09-11, come on by to get started
   * Both angel roles are similar, one is for <16 and the other to help out in the family zone for >16
   * Descriptions are the same - do we need to adapt? No, leave it like this
  • Do we want to discuss planned arrival times?
  • How do we sign up for AngelShifts? I see the AngelTypes, but I'm "unconfirmed" [mike]
   * There are a bunch of shifts but can't sign up, need to do the intro talk first (at field). Will do this daily.
   * Everyone needs to be validated before they can do a shift
  • How do we sign up our children? I'm required to enter a shirt size, but the children sizes are not in there [haakjes]
   * Need to create an account and sign up as a child account
   * There were children shirt sizes but could not select them
   * Shirts are already ordered so can't change this
   * Can we sign up while at MCH? Yes!
   * Can we create a connection between myself and the kids? Not in the system but we can manually accommodate to keep people together.
       * Sign up for the same shift
  • ~~Currently, the description is identical for both Runner and Minion [haakjes]~~
  • Should we have a daily "welcome", right before the daily briefing? Instead of only on thursday / friday [haakjes]
  • Status: Any responses to Mail to teams for AngelShifts?

TODO: check with volunteering if they will be blogging and ask to mention kid shifts? TODO: plan an introduction? not sure if and when DONE: ask volunteering for planning our own shifts


Haakjes: > ordered 600 pieces of TYVEK® Blanco Polsbandjes TYVEK© 10-kleurenmix at 37,67 total. They’ll be delivered at my home and I’ll bring them Wednesday

   * Can add names + phone number to the wristband

TODO (boekenwurm): talk to team safety regarding what to do when there are complaints.

   Boekenwurm is the main orga contact (projectleiding) for this team


DONE: Only possible thing is the ballpit / sandthingies -> fhp will check, probably nothing


  • Who else wants to run the @MCH2022Family twitter account? Multiple people will allow us to respond quicker and be more active. Currently only Haakjes has access.
   * Add your name here if you want access:
       * Pikachu
       * Ralf / aloft


To be added to Global Programme (all will be discussed tonight)

  • Morning Stand-ups (???) @9am? 10am?
  • Friday Kick-off (??)
   * [Mike] do a kickoff meeting to talk through any issues and call out those people doing things. Meet each other. Bring some drinks!
   * Let's do this on Friday after dinner - 21:00 CET
  • Kids DJ Sunday 14:00-16:00
   * TODO: Sim + Haakjes to add this to the program
  • Workshop tent has own program. Use wiki to schedule.
  • Will also use wiki for non-workshop type events, like visits to other areas, etc so that we have one central place for the program.
  • If you add the project to the wiki as a workshop and add the time + date it will automatically get added to the schedule


DONE: add jerrycans to the shopping list, and order them (fhp)


Last week we Welcomed OSSO! Any new villages on the call this week? ZTL is neighboring field



  • DONE: Delivery successful at the field

Kids Disco - Mike

  • Thank you, Bjorn!
  • The Kids will DJ!
   * get the kids hands-on!
  • Scheduled! Sunday 14:00 - 16:00 (free every day during this slot)
   * TODO: book it every day / pencil it in
   * Set it up at 13:00 every day / experiment on Saturday
  • Need to decide whether we want the on-stage DJ controller (jarno)
  • Chris (Music) also suggested a Drum lesson; not sure how that fits in
   * Do this at a differen time than this workshop
  • We may want to schedule additional days
  • Emile: Is bringing instruments. Perhaps have a "Kids Band" event if there are enough musicians?
   * Emile is not here, can pick it up during a morning meeting
  • Perhaps have a guided tour of the stage (/sound/lights)?
   * Excellent idea (+100)
   * Some parents might want to join as well
   * TODO: Mike to ask around if somebody wants to give this tour
  • Input for 3.5 mm headphones
  • 2 ground rules
   * 2 tracks per kid, then swap
       * 20 kids can do ~2h
   * Can move to childrens tent on own field to continue


> To make things work as smoothly as possible we probably need to come up > with a few 'ground rules'. We will have 90 minutes and probably ~150 > kids on the field in the age-groups that might want to take part of > this. With 90 minutes that's roughly 15 DJ's (approx 2x 3min per track). > We can help with 'mixing' (fading in / fading out basically) if needed & > let the kids play their stuff :) > > Rules: > - First come, first serve? (limited to ~15 kids?) > - Everyone can play DJ, but is limited to playing 2 tracks or ~6 minutes > whatever comes first? > > If this is a success, is there an option to do something similar in one > the Family Zone tents? So we can have something for the other ~135 kid > DJs ;) ? >



Status: Ordered (delivered?) [fhp]

  • Waiting on reply whether it will be delivered in time

Child care

  • DONE: Added something to eat/drink to the shopping list
  • No lunch provided, parents should bring their kinds after their lunch or pick them up before their lunch
  • Possible: small trips organized by the child care if they are not fully booked, do some activities, if parents approve (form-verified)
  • Outside area: fence off an outside area, connected to the workshop tent
  • TODO: add the fencing off to the build-up plan
  • DONE: Need a contact person that is on the field on Friday morning: Haakjes will be there on Friday already
  • TODO: Got parking tickets. Working on getting the last ones finished (needs names, etc as they are coming with multiple cars)
  • No timeslots was fine, they can call parents after 3-4 hours if capacity is needed.
  • this is on the buildup plan for Friday


Aimed at older kids to hang out, watch a movie and play a game Added to Shopping List, 200 EURO Approved (will likely stay below) DONE 10 hammocks have been ordered and delivered to my house DONE Stich1 will provide beamer DONE how to find stitch at camp? DONE Add Samla + rope to DONE Need some (a lot?) of rope to help tie the hammocks to trees DONE Ronald will bring a beamer screen NEEDED Arrange power extention cord - people to bring it from home (40m total needed) DONE Specify Buildup (friday) /Teardown (tuesday)


tuatha - my wife teaches science classes at various basisscholen and is interested in delivering a class for kids (groep 5/6 age IIRC) Lots of water + science and a rocket that flies a few meters in the air. Safety concerns? DONE: Schedule as a workshop DONE : Add any ingredients to shopping list


Status: Ordered and (mostly) delivered (Thanks, fhp!!!) There was a delivery today, there is a 2nd package on its way Buildup will be on Friday If you bring an electrical pump please bring it along

Pluch-toy pool

  • TODO: fhp send mail to family
  • TODO: haakjes tweet the mail

=== MozzarellaCrustHerbs === Ralf One workshop, 50 pizza spots, kids ideally with a parent for support. Sign-up ahead of time.

Date: Monday, 3-4pm until done (need to figure out dough rising time)

Groceries done, Ikea containers on shoppinglist

We have two pizza ovens (aloft && c4lc)

gas tank can be used from fhp && aloft , expected usage is 1.5-2kg of gas.

TODO: build-up/tear-down plan TODO: Ralf to add it to the project and schedule it (Monday)


  • Sim got things from someone else that we could use
  • Pikachu helps with translations into German
  • Age: 7-11

Status: Basic hunt/escape is ready, mostly paper/print based. Laminated lots of stuff, so it's durable. Augmentations will not be done (ENOTIME) Todo: Get thin whiteboard markers to write on the laminate Todo: test/verify everything Todo: Place it in the schedule, decide if workshop style (once or twice) or just give people the challenges and let them do it on their own (requires a bit more field testing)


miniproject Frisbees

(Or larger Frisbee Golf like @ SHA2017)

  • Frisbees were ordered (were they in today's delivery?)
  • Can we get any of the Frisbee Golf items from SHA2017?
   * Might be able to get 2 of the goals but can't transport it unless he can arrange a trailer


  • Updates
   * Aiming to have it running on Saturday morning to get setup
  • TODO: haakjes will add this as a workshop
  • TODO: pikachu requests

Real life tower defence

  • Stef is working on this, monsters + towers + Pokemon Go hybrid


* 7:00 thursday haakjes takes delivery of the ball pit and bouncy castle
* Need to make sure that the bouncy castle is securely tied to the ground in case of wind
    * TODO: check with team safety after we check what it looks like on Thursday

Shopping list

  • aequitas is doing a Makro run for cookies / snacks
   * This is for the childcare area (to avoid Hangry kids)
   * Starts Friday at 10am
  • Haakjes will buy diaper bags and bring them to the field tomorrow
  • Stef has some rope (from action) but not for hammocks
  • Bigger ropes from Action are good for Hammocks
  • IKEA run should happen on Thursday to avoid traffic
   * Will also get some rope
  • Stef will add links to the declaration forms to the page so that people can claim this back
  • For IKEA order online and pick up to save time

Buildup plan

  • TODO: make a plan for the build-up, so things go smooth and do not take too much time

Is this an angel shift? Just join the morning meeting where we'll make a big list. Might do an Angel shift to get food vouchers.

Kids are allowed from Thursday after noon until Wednesday but need to watch them carefully during buildup / teardown

Meeting Plans and Kickoff Meeting

  • Morning stand-ups
  • Kick-off meeting ("Sprint Planning") on Friday Night
   * What's our "hook"?
       * CCC Topic-du-jour: FloraMate vs ClubMate. Round 1. Fight!

TODO: Create "events" in the schedule?