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This page is constantly being updated and needs to be checked and verified. So everything might be subject to change.

Important phone numbers

(needs more numbers and verification)

Emergency response 112 or 911
First aid 2222
Infodesk 4636 (INFO)
FamilyZone 5437 (KIDS)
On-site Logistics 6683 (MOVE)
Team:Cohesion (CoC) +31 (0)6 8688 4178 (24h)
Speaker Desk 1777 ~7757 (SPKR)~
Volunteers 7777 (VLNT)
Shuttle 7485 (SHTL)
Badge 2343 (BDGE)
Terrain 8372 (TERA)
Power 7697 (POWR)
NOC 662 (NOC)
POC 762 (POC)
Boekenwuurm 2635 (BOEK
Other numbers Check the phonebook

Our sources of Knowledge

Where to find answers

Answers can be found here (in this order):

  • the FAQ (the first entry in the main FAQ are useful links to info sources, like Tickets or Volunteers)
  • the rest of the public wiki, use the search option.
  • the maps on the tables
  • the online map
  • the other teams in the Info tent
  • Speaker Desk
  • Infodesk coordinator
  • Other teams (infodesk coordinator may call them, or you can call them)

Other teams in the Info tent

(to be determined but probably teams like:)

How to answer a question

  • Many answers to questions can be found on the public wiki, or on the map.
  • For some questions, you can refer people to the other teams in the Info tent.
  • If you don't know the answer and think it should come from us, tell the them to wait for a moment, while look up the answer in one of the sources.
  • If you can't find it, check with the coordinator from Team:Info, as they might know the answer or at least know who to call.
  • If a question is REALLY hard to answer, have them leave their email address and tell them Infodesk will contact them later. Make a note of this question in the Pad.

We are here to help and we want to everyone to have an amazing time at MCH2022 :)

Difficult questions (escalation and extra FAQ)

We will provide a pad for multiple uses:

  • Frequently asked questions that are not yet on the wiki: add these to the pad, team Info will add this information to the Wiki in due time.
  • Useful remarks for Info Angels on the next shift.
  • Questions that can not be answered immediately: add these to the pad so you or someone else can look up the information or ask the right people. Make sure you add contact info (email) of the person asking the question. When the answer has been found you can email the answer through the info-volunteers account and strike the question out on the pad so everyone knows it has been dealt with (DO NOT DELETE).


There's a fixed desk phone (INFO). If it rings, pick up the horn, press the blinking indicator, answer the call.

Answering questions


  • If someone from the press has a question, kindly refer them to the press spokesperson.
  • Don't talk to the press on behalf of the event without permission of the spokesperson.


  • First point of contact for speakers (including workshop facilitators) is the Speaker Desk. They can answer any speaker-related question.
  • The Speaker Desk might contact the Infodesk if they have a question they can't answer.


  • There are phone number wristbands for kids. If parent/guardian asks for a wristband, you can find one in the box in the storage rack. If necessary lend them a pen or sharpie.
  • If they want a permanemt marker for writing a phone number on the child, they can use one of the infodesk markers.
  • Advise against writing their own name or the child's name on the wristband/arm.

See FamilyZone for more information about kids activities and facilities.


While we prefer people use a DHL or PostNL pick-up point, parcels can be delivered to the field. This should only be a last resort option as it takes up valuable time!

  • Team Logistics will receive the packages and sign for them. But they will not be responsible for any damage or loss of the parcel. Shipping to the field is entirely at their own risk.
  • If someone wants to check the shipping status, contact Logistics HQ to inquire after the delivery.
  • If someone wants to collect their shipment, check the storage to see if it has arrived.

See Parcel deliveries for more information.

Letter of attendance

Some people need a letter for their employer to proof they actually visited MCH2022. The process for this needs to be determined and might be done by Infodesk or Tickets/entrance


Not everyone will be happy all the time. If someone has a complaint, acknowledge they are sad or angry. That's not the same as agreeing with them; but it prevents you from getting trapped in an argument. If someone's angry to the point of (verbal/physical) violence, remind them you're just a visitor like them doing a volunteer shift and ask them not to shout. Keep calm.

If they want to blow off steam or just let us know about it (non-urgent) to a better the organisation of the event: write down the complaint or have them write it. They can also mail Team:Info. Have them explain what they expected, how it went wrong and have them give their suggestion for improvement.

If the problem can't be easily fixed by you and needs urgent attention, escalate.

  • Related to another team? Contact them.
  • Security problem? Call security.
  • Code of conduct related? Call CoC team
  • Don't know what to do? Call Boekenwuurm (BOEK)


Lost something

If someone lost an item:

  1. Take down a description in The Book. Ask for identifiable properties (Which Proves That Thing Is Actually Theirs Once Found).
  2. Create an entry in the public wiki page (without the identifiable properties) or have them create it.

Found something

  1. Put a label on the item, stating the day and time it was found. I.e. 21T13:37.
  2. If possible, find an identifiable property (e.g. contents of a pouch, username on a device, bookmark in a book).
  3. Write the label code, a really short description of the item and the identifiable property in The Book.
  4. Look through the entries on the Lost and Found page.
  5. If the item matches something that was reported missing, contact the owner and modify the page to say 'found'.
  6. If the item found does not match anything that was lost, create a new item on the Lost and Found page.

Retrieving something from Lost and found

  1. Have them proof the item is theirs by identifying it correctly.
  2. For valuable stuff: have them identify themselves and sign off for receiving back their stuff in The Book.

Book of Lost and found

example, will be created as template

Lost & Found:


Secret identifying properties:



Signed by:

Coordinators: second-line support

The core team of the Infodesk consists of the people that helped prepare the info desk and know a little bit more about the organisation. They'll instruct the Infodesk Angels and can contact other teams to find the answers to hard-to-answer questions. Boekenwuurm is our contact at Projectleiding

Supervisors: (User:Boekenwuurm, User:Egal, User:Mlijn, User:Raboof, User:Sirgoofy and User:Stern



  • Just general info?
  • prepare press leaflets & lanyards
  • coordinate with Team:Volunteers: tell who of our team is there, who's core team. Get food tokens to distribute.
  • prepping the Infodesk tent & desk
    • connecting phones
    • prepare signage including Info, Press (also for entrance)
  • Give bar an instruction (for?)


  • Give basic info about transport and tear down.
  • Print out A4 with the shuttle service and the schedule of trains at Nijkerk station:
    • Nijkerk - Amsterdam via Amersfoort: every hour at '04 and '34 (12€60)
    • Nijkerk - Utrecht: every hour at '04 and '34 (7€10)
    • Nijkerk - Zwolle: every hour at '24 and '54 (11€40)
    • More info about transport: and, check for disruptions.
  • Lost and Found