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Yrlf Verfied.png
Arrival 2022-07-21
Departure 2022-07-26

Bringing Raspberry Pi Picos
Village Village:Realraum
Working on Projects:Demoparty
Twitter @theFerdi265
DECT 4265 (EPVPN) / 5265 (MCH)
Languages DE,EN

HackerSpace Realraum

I'm a CS Student from Graz, Austria, and I'm usually hacking on low-level software. My current side project is RPi Pico demoscene stuff. I will also be hosting the MCH Badge Demo Compo at Projects:Demoparty

I'm generally quite talkative. Hit me up if you wanna chat.

Update: I have arrived :D

Additional Contact Info

  • IRC: yrlf on OFTC/Libera/Hackint
  • Matrix:
  • Discord: yrlf#9671

MCH Badge Demo Compo

Near the end of MCH (date/time TBA) there will be a compo for demoscene-style stuff for the MCH Badge. Details will follow. If you have questions about exactly how that's gonna go or want to submit an entry, just send me a message :)d

Raspberry Pi Pico

I am currently working on a packer library and SDK add-on libraries for the Pi Pico for writing demos. I'll bring my Picos and VGA demo base board with me to work on them at camp, and maybe demo some stuff if I get it done.

I might also potentially have some left over Raspberry Pi Pico Ws to trade at camp, depending on how many my local hackerspace folks take.

Knowledgeable Topics

These are some topics I know my way around in, and that I usually like talking about :)

  • cursed C/C++ language details
  • cursed compiler/linker details
  • optimized ASM for x86/RISC-V/ARMv6-m/Xtensa
  • binary-exploitation CTF challenges
  • tracked music (FamiTracker/XM)

Interested Topics

These are some broad topics that interest me:

  • demoscene stuff
  • pwning random consumer electronic devices
  • console hacking
  • chiptune / tracked music
  • speedrunning / TAS / glitches in games
  • Linux