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Zeno4ever Verfied.png
Arrival 2022-07-21
Departure 2022-07-27
BuildupTime 20.07.22 19:30
BuildupVehicle Car, Transporter
Village Village:HSNL, Village:TkkrLab, Village:80s Party
Working on Projects:Demoparty
Twitter daveborghuis
DECT 4268
Languages NL, EN, DE

HackerSpace TkkrLab

Founder of hackerspace TkkrLab Enschede, wifi tracking, Coderdojo Enschede founder, demoscene ambassador.

You can reach me via twitter @daveborghuis or email dave [at] tkkrlab [dot] nl

foto taken by dvanzuijlekom

I go to give talk about wifi tracking in Enschede