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Village Name SwissVillage


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Contact DECT:9317
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Description Village of many Switzerland-related humans and projects
Preferred Location 52° 16' 59.02" N, 5° 31' 25.18" E
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Related to village Village:Lemanicus
Registered on 6 January 2021 23:29:13
Hosts self-organized sessions Maybe
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Harzi Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 11l Kompressorkühlschrank um Kälteelemente zu kühlen, Campingteller, -Becher und -Besteck, Ventilator, Laser und ein bisschen Blinkizeugs als Deko, 18C3 Fahne ("Sterntastatur"), DECT Telefone zum vererben.
Jeroen Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 UTP cable, Gbps switch, tiewraps.
Ploy Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 Kick scooter
VAL Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Venty Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Swiss Flag, Podcasting Equipment (Zoom H6, 4x DT297 Headset, Cables and Headphone-Amp), Schnaps
Wene Verfied.png
XTaran Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Ice Cube Machine, Nespresso Machine, smaller Swiss flag for the Camper Dependance
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Village of many Switzerland-related humans and projects.

We coordinate all the nitty-gritty in a Telegram group, if you want to get added, write to ploy_XIV on Telegram.

The Swiss Village is the unofficial outpost of the following Swiss organizations/hackerspaces/makerspaces (in no particular order):

  • Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz