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Team Content Meeting Minutes

Online 2020-09-12 17:00 - 18:00


Pad during the meeting, result in the minutes


Absent with notice

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As decided in the 2020-08-29 meeting:

The action points from the last meeting are shown at the topics they belong to below.


  • Notes -> Bert
  • Chair -> Walter :-)
  • Any other topics?

Recap on action points

Walter to talk to C3VOC about remote participation

Done, but only received an acknowledgement

Claudia check in with team info/communication on opportunities to publish blogposts

Not done. Sorry, will do this week

Claudia draft a special topic blog on important of climate crisis in technical discussions

Not done. Sorry, will do this week, circumstance

Aschwin ask Jeroen to write up an initial draft proposal on review process to be discussed this meeting

Done, proposal was send by email.

Robin draft proposal on review process

We have two proposals now, they appear to supplement each other.

Coco reach out to the people dealing with FAQ on accessibility and wheelchair ramps for stages

Spoke to bix from production house, and talked to Stitch, status is to set put it on the Wiki page of team accessibility, so we can store decisions there without having to distribute all our meeting notes. Added vacancies as well on the team accessibility page, since no onw is there yet.

Status of submissions

Robin needs more admin rights to toy with pretalx and figure out what is possible. Walter will arrange this. It appear to be possible to do vetos, and to vote on blocking things, but we haven't decided what to do with that.

In the support system we store details of invited speakers, which is less public. A question is how we are going to deal with invited speakers, would we reject their talk later on? This would be weird.

The suggestion is that an invitation is just that, it is an invitation to propose, so we could still reject it than "as normal". However, it turns out some special speakers "we really like" can't go through that process. But this needs a process, we can't just individually decide who those special people are. This does not generate an actual blank cheque, but we need to be reasonably sure we would not reject a reasonable presentation idea from such "rock star" invitations.

Every talk should be registered in pretalx, even invited ones - Pretalx is our single source of truth.

Reconciliation of envisaged draft review processes

Jeroen & Robin should reconcile their proposals, although there is one definite conflict on how we assign talks to reviewers. Robin predicts hundreds and hundreds of talks.

Walter notes you can store in pretalx that you can't score a talk since you are not competent on the subject matter. The idea is that you score X talks and then declare yourself incompetent for the rest, so you will not be included in the vote.

We'll hand out an award for the most incompetent team member.

We also hope pretalx supports not showing the scores already assigned to new reviewers. This might bias people or generate "group think".

Once the unified post is ready it should become a blog post, but we should make sure we review it as a team first. We hope to keep it short and simple. "Hell is other people" should be an inspiration.

For next meeting Robin and Jeroen will merge their texts.

Any other business

From the email: Talk length, if you want a super long slot, you are probably better off in a village, making it Not Our Problem.

Zammad: it is not very granular in terms of permissions, which means that the sysadmins can see our notes, without having to do any work for it. We don't think this is a huge problem, if it is that secret, don't put it in there. Also, the granularity is good enough that speakers can't see their own rejections or other people's financials etc.

Coco: There is a question & answer section, "are you an inspiring speaker, contact the speaker desk". Coco changed it to team content, we all agree.

Topics for next meeting

  • Finalize & approve the review proposal (as unified by Robin and Jeroen)
  • Robin wonders if we picked the Pretalx default lenghts for things, it might not be right, and also ponder the formats a bit.

Next meeting time

September 26th, 17:00 - 18:00. And perhaps try to actually start with the meeting at 17:00! Coco can't make that time.