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Team Content Meeting

Online 2020-11-28 17:00 - 18:00

Pad during the meeting, result in the minutes



As decided in the 2020-11-14 meeting:

The action points from the last meeting are shown at the topics they belong to below.


  • Notes?
  • Chair?
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Coco

Recap on action points

Get blog posts online (Claudia, Robin)

Be more active on Team Content Twitter (Bert)

Add at least 3 speakers you would like to see to the list in Zammad (All)

Zammad fields (All)


RC3 (CCC remotely) has remote assemblies, and we can promote MCH there as the "next physical conference". (Erik)

We should tell the orga list so they know (and can join in).

Furniture requests (Kirils: Content/Speaker desk, Martian: ask Attilla workshop tents)


Zammad fields

COVID-19 status (go/no-go)

Status of submissions

Specific speakers we would like to invite

Finance procedures

Terrain layout, email November 24 Ruud Koolen

Blog posts

Any Other Business

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time