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Team Content Meeting Minutes

Online 2021-11-20 17:00 - 18:00


Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2021-11-06 meeting


  • Notes? Kirils
  • Chair? Walter
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Jeroen


(Open air) stages

Team:Content is looking at this concept (one stage → open air) as nice to have extra, a smart thing to do. If the weather is bad, we can't spend hours and hours managing and rescheduling.

Produktiehuis seems ok with taking on outdoor stage creation. Screen MUST NOT be behind speakers for camera reasons.

Finalised stage names

Tardis [everywhereevents] → Flashlight 🔦 (https://emojipedia.org/flashlight/)

Last time the workshop tents were too light. We keep the stage names as decided on 2020-09-26 meeting.

Team health and team size

We are looking for two new team Content members.

Team health: 👍 Hugh, Kirils, Robin, Erik, Martian 😒 jos, Claudia, Walter 👎 ---

Team Speakerdesk is currently fully staffed. Team Content size will likely need to grow no later around February 2022. Gender balance could use some work.

f2f meeting (Team:content) in NL March/April.

Person reached out who wanted to join speaker desk, no vacancy there. When they get back to Hugh, we inform that SPK is full right now but will need help in 6 months and Content is a different kind of work which would not be a good fit.

Preliminary budget for team finance

Team Finance would like to have it in their preferred format: https://wiki.mch2021.org/images/0/00/Template_MCH_2021_Team_Budget.xlsx Who is going to transfer the budget in this format and send it to team finance?

Send reworked budget form to team Finance [kirils]

Submitting the proposal for subsidies

We need high profile speakers for this to work.

  • Apply again in January
  • Who are these speakers and how is the amount of 24,500 built up.
  • Information on the content of the speakers and their motivation, who has been promised/reservedly invited
  • Submit an application to the digital culture scheme
  • It's important to contact high profile speakers before January in order to increase the possibility of acceptance.
  • Who wants to help improve the submission?
  • We use the signal group and previous methodology


Status of submissions

Chase speakers for confirmation. [erik/hugh]

Current proposals (rather than speakers) are not diverse enough.

Specific speakers we would like to invite

Think about possible speakers to invite and prepare for next meeting (HYPE) [all] Contact your speakers from the list [all]

THE LIST: https://support.mch2021.org/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/7

Speaker desk

Provide a declaration form for speakers

general form teams: https://wiki.mch2022.org/Finance_procedures

Get form for speakers [Claudia]

Will design input for speakers [Kirils]

Needs coordination with team Finance. Kirils needs to send an e-mail to team Finance about this.

Academic content:go/no-go?

NO-GO. Team:Content currently decides that we do not curate Academic content specifically. If someone inside our outside Team:Content provides the Content (no pun intended) for this, we will assist as needed.

New blog posts?

Walter wrote a blogpost.

We need to blog the next blog blog. [robin]

Idea: I presented at MCH 2022' hex stickers

Sample: [1]

Added to our budget.

We are working on a new design. [Hugh] Design needs to be in line with general design. https://mch2022.org/design/

Screenshot 2021-10-20-182424.png

Have yet to email Team:Volunteers and Team:Huisstijl [Hugh]

Any Other Business

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time

2021-12-04 17:00 - 18:00 CET

Future topics

Who is responsible for the tables/chairs/power cords/projectors/lighting/... in workshop tents?

No answer from Team:Terrain yet, though some stuff we need to order ourselves, apparently

Escalate to PL. [Walter]

Tents need to be dark enough and/or projectors good enough so they are usable.

Speaker desk

Make lists of things that are needed at speakerdesk (such as a printer). Setup list, document somewhere, send to Finance [Kirils]


See https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Moebelhaus for some prices that can be used for the budget.