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Team Content Meeting Minutes

Online 2022-01-09 17:00 - 18:00


Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2021-12-18 meeting


  • Notes? Kirils
  • Chair? Martian
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Jeroen, Crablab, Jos


Team size and health

We are looking for two new team Content members.

Proposal to take about this next time.


10 days left for subsidy proposal so we should go for least amount of work to get it done.

What about Omicron-related decision in Orga? There are go-nogo meetings. Next one is around 16th Feb. Ticketshop is open.

NL gov will likely require a booster no older than 9 months to enter NL.

Submitting the proposal for subsidies

We need high profile speakers for this to work.

We should include some high profile speakers that are confirmed, some that we are speaking to and some from past events.

  • Apply again in January, closing date January 19 2022
  • Who are these speakers and how is the amount of 24,500 built up.
  • Information on the content of the speakers and their motivation, who has been promised/reservedly invited
  • Submit an application to the digital culture scheme: https://stimuleringsfonds.nl/nl/subsidies/regeling_digitale_cultuur/
  • It's important to contact high profile speakers before January in order to increase the possibility of acceptance.
  • We use the signal group and previous methodology.
  • Can we apply for https://www.fonds21.nl/ as well?
  • Who wants to participate: Claudia, Martian, Walter, Hugh, Robin
  • Team Content group chat header contains the link to the pad
  • Only office [Claudia]
  • Stitch will submit, has an account already and started the subsidy request
  • Stitch can reserve some time next week on Wednesday and vrijdag partly, if needed the following Monday. So we need one or more people who can work with Elger to get the final things done but first we have to update the documents.
  • Stitch thinks we can reuse the budget: it has some subsidy related posts. Maybe we need some minor adaptions to show the subsidy need.
  • Evaluation criteria include:
    • The artistic value of the project [Claudia]
    • The significance of the chosen theme and question for the discipline [Claudia]
    • The extent to which the project is effective in terms of its design, methodology and the expertise involved;[Claudia]
    • The support for the project, as demonstrated by the partners involved, the manner and degree of co-financing and the expected audience reach;[Walter]
    • The project's contribution to diversity and inclusion within the field. [Claudia]

Walter should get in touch with Treasurer to find out about the sponsoring status and what co-financing is Orga looking for as we might need this info for subsidy. [Walter]

Erik and Kirils have not objections if the subteam working on the subsidy request make the decision of a "theme" for the event ifneedbe. Claudia will post the quest for a Theme in the Signal group.


Status of submissions

81 confirmed submissions, 35 unconfirmed.

Chase speakers for confirmation. [erik/hugh]

Unfortunately, we still have 35 submissions that were submitted for the cancelled 2021 conference and the speakers haven't indicated yet that they want to be present in 2022 as well.

Erik will add tags in pretalx to those 35 and remove/hide the question. [Erik]

Current proposals (rather than speakers) are not diverse enough.

Specific speakers we would like to invite

Think about possible speakers to invite and prepare for next meeting (HYPE) [all] Contact your speakers from the list [all]

THE LIST: https://support.mch2021.org/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/7

Speaker desk

Provide a declaration form for speakers

general form teams: https://wiki.mch2022.org/Finance_procedures

Will design input for speakers [Kirils]

Needs coordination with team Finance. Kirils send an email to team Finance, no reply yet. Will approach Rizoom. [Kirils/Hugh]

Kirils got reply with feedback. Will rework the form. [Kirils]

Reimbursement privacy policy, might take more time than 2 weeks [Walter]

New blog posts?

We need to blog the next blog blog.

Next blog post [Walter]

Idea: I presented at MCH 2022' hex stickers

Sample: [1]

Added to our budget.

We are working on a new design. [Hugh] Design needs to be in line with general design. https://mch2022.org/design/

Screenshot 2021-10-20-182424.png

Email send to Team:Volunteers and Team:Huisstijl [Hugh]

Waiting for updated design [Hugh]

Who is responsible for the tables/chairs/power cords/projectors/lighting/... in workshop tents?

No answer from Team:Terrain yet, though some stuff we need to order ourselves, apparently

Walter will take it up with Produktiehuis [Walter]

Tents need to be dark enough and/or projectors good enough so they are usable.

Any Other Business

Zammad -> Nextcloud for speaker list? [Walter]

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time

We skipped a lot of agenda points this meeting.

Next meeting 22nd January 17:00-18:00 CET

Future topics

Are we extending the CfP? Last January 2022 meeting

Speaker desk

Make lists of things that are needed at speakerdesk (such as a printer). Setup list, document somewhere, send to Finance [Kirils]


See https://wiki.mch2022.org/Team:Moebelhaus for some prices that can be used for the budget.

f2f meeting (Team:content) in NL March/April

(Open air) stages

Team Terrain & Produktiehuis have this action point from the orga meeting.