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Team Content Meeting Minutes


Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2022-05-01 meeting


  • Notes? Martian
  • Chair? Amelia
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Hugh, Erik


Acceptance of submissions

  • We need to find extra stages (sponsors, villages, ...)
  • Today we will aprove around 20 submissions
  • Contact Erik [Martian]
  • Walter will write a blog post [in progress]
  • Contact team Info about blog posts [Walter]
  • Estimate of the budget already allocated [Claudia]
  • Nicolas (2) and Kirils (1) will contact a submitter [done & discussed]
  • Tallying number of hotel rooms required in Zammad [Erik]
  • Can we see when a submission is made or changed in pretalx? [Erik]

Amount of slots

Room for 17 + 93 + 14 = 124 50 minute stage slots.

Already accepted according to screendump Kirils: short 20 talk 66 workshop 22 long workshop 4 film 1 (which is in fact a competition which I think we need to do as the last slot of the day)

we have 124 50 minutes stage slots 124 - 66 = 58 50 minutes slots remaining

20 short slots take approx. 14 50 minutes slots

58 - 14 = 44 50 minute slots remaining?

These are estimated times, not requested times.

Which content are we missing?

Which skills/topics are we missing in the submissions or we want more of?

  • Skills [all]
  • Political activism
  • Science but not CS
  • How things changed during COVID

Could be a panel, but needs a good moderator Walter: action, will look for some academic speakers on this

Blog post to convince employers? [Nicolas/Hugh]

Speaker desk

Heralds and Angels (needs to be notified to Team:Volunteers)

Heralds: Ijon [Walter] / Witchdoc [Hugh/Kirils/Jos] Ijon has been contacted, so has Lindworm

From Bas: Can you split that in actual shifts? How long is a shift for a specific job? Normally we do about 2hrs per shift for a meal roughly. Does that number work for you? Please check with your team, some may have a better idea about this than i do.

Herald Angels: every speaker slot needs one angel

Hugh: send approximate calculation to Bas, arrange with Kirils re. Speaker Desk staffing

Speaker Desk equipment

List of things that are needed at speakerdesk (such as a printer):


Hugh: email logistics with the list of consumables

Will design input for speakers [Kirils]

Reimbursement privacy policy, might take more time than 2 weeks [Walter]


Bridge to Zammad

Decision: individual emails, sort out who is sending these later

For speaker expenses, we know what will be build and when it will be ready as we are near the end of the CfP? [Erik]

Feedback for the schedule

We may have something that collects feedback from the audience before we release the main schedule that helps us to avoid similar events in parallel and allows us to pick a stage based on the popularity of the event.

One option might be https://github.com/pretalx/pretalx-public-voting [Erik]

Schedule output

Pretalx is able to output the schedule in an XML based format and has an HTML output as well and we have a few options:

  • Schedule as HTML on our website
  • EventFahrplan for Android. Approach the app writer [Erik]
  • Using Giggity for Android. Approach the app writer? [Erik]
  • iOS/Apple. No native open source app. There is an app in the app store. Approach the app writer [Erik].

New blog posts?

Any Other Business

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time

2022-05-21 16:30 - 18:00 CEST Can't make: Robin

Future topics

Important dates

  • 14 May: orga field day, Zeewolde
  • End of May: vote on submissions by visitors
  • 10-12 June: Schedule weekend, The Hague/Scheveningen