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Team Content Meeting Minutes


Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2022-05-07 meeting


  • Notes? Martian
  • Chair? Walter
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Robin, Nicolas, Erik



  • 14 May: orga field day, Zeewolde [Hugh]

Walked around the field, looks smaller than on the map, nothing changed, speaker desk opposite to Heaven. Debate about slot timing.

Stickers are ordered.

Action points

  • Amount of slots: Which end time do we think is acceptable -> calculate amount of slots (available): Last talks start 23:00, some at midnight.

Kirils will adapt the spreadsheet.

51 slots available.

  • Contact Erik [Martian: done]
  • Walter will write a blog post [done]
  • Contact team Info about blog posts [Walter: done]
  • Estimate of the budget already allocated [Claudia: done]
  • Reimbursement privacy policy and rules [Walter: within a week]
  • Connection with Hope [Claudia is doing only for Climate. The group should send and email to Mitch suggesting the other talks]
  • Submitters had 2 weeks to confirm their presence, what to do with those who didn't (yet): https://conference.mch2022.org/orga/event/mch2021-2020/submissions/?&state=accepted

Hugh puts it in a pad, slightly modify, send tomorrow, 1 week deadline. https://pad.riseup.net/p/TRCZdVQhnY2UFp93vO6h

  • Viola: 1 pointer proposal: if somebody scores a one accept only after discussion? Add a tagged category [Viola/Walter]


  • Shortlist of talks content members really want. (Viola, Claudia, Walter, ...)

Erik will catch up next week, action points:

  • Voting by visitors, end of May, one option might be https://github.com/pretalx/pretalx-public-voting [Erik]
  • Bridge to Zammad (for speaker expenses) [Erik]
  • Tallying number of hotel rooms required in Zammad [Erik]
  • Web server for static output of the schedule [Erik]
  • Communicate with existing app builders that can host the schedule [Erik]
  • Can we see when a submission is made or changed in pretalx? [Erik]

Which content are we missing?

Not discussed this time.

Which skills/topics are we missing in the submissions or we want more of?

  • Skills [all]
  • Political activism
  • Science but not CS
  • How things changed during COVID

Could be a panel, but needs a good moderator Walter: action, will look for some academic speakers on this

Speaker desk

Heralds and Angels (needs to be notified to Team:Volunteers)

Heralds: Ijon [Walter] / Witchdoc [Hugh/Kirils/Jos] Ijon has been contacted, so has Lindworm

From Bas: Can you split that in actual shifts? How long is a shift for a specific job? Normally we do about 2hrs per shift for a meal roughly. Does that number work for you? Please check with your team, some may have a better idea about this than i do.

Herald Angels: every speaker slot needs one angel

Hugh: send approximate calculation to Bas, arrange with Kirils re. Speaker Desk staffing

Speaker Desk equipment

List of things that are needed at speakerdesk (such as a printer):


Hugh: email logistics with the list of consumables

Will design input for speakers [Kirils]

New blog posts?

Blog post to convince employers? [Nicolas/Hugh] Will be going to team info.

Any Other Business

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time

2022-05-29 14:00 - 16:00 CEST. Jos can't join.

Future topics

Important dates

  • End of May: vote on submissions by visitors
  • 10-12 June: Schedule weekend, The Hague/Scheveningen
  • 18 June: Last orga meet at RevSpace