MCH2021 Orga Meeting 20201107

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MCH2021 Orga Meeting 20201107
Name MCH2021 Orga Meeting
StartDate 2020/11/07 14:00:00
EndDate 2020/11/07 17:00:00
Where Mumble,



               -- you are welcome to join the orga at the next --
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                          Location: to be determined.
                            When: 2020/11/07 14:00:00


If you're new to MCH, join the Orga Meeting on Mumble and talk to Synq or Damnlie.

  • 13:37 Doors open
  • 14:00 Start (stitch)
  • 14:05 Summary past orga mumbles (stitch)
  • 14:10 Feedback on corona strategy (stitch)
  • 14:15 Blog introduction (Boekenwuurm)
  • 14:25 How declarations work, what forms there are (Attilla)
  • 14:30 Overview of budget, possible strategies (Attilla)
  • afterwards: +/- 15 minute break
  • +/- 15:00 (when available) Sneak peek of the design (Boekenwuurm)
  • +/- 15:15 Open stage for team updates and discussion
  • +/- 15:45 working in teams


14:00 Start (stitch)

Welcome everyone. Thanks for attending this online orga meeting.

  • If you're new here, talk to Synq and Damnlie to guide you through the orga after the meeting.
  • Go over the agenda.

14:05 Summary past orga mumbles (stitch)

22nd of August There was a field day. This seems like it was months ago, and it was. 2,5 months.

Since the field day the following things happened:

  • Gift cards went on sale, polling the interest in the event. This has resulted in 878 cards sold, which is 25% of the target 3500 visitors. An additional 2600 euro was donated, roughly 13.37 per donation. The origin of ticket buyers is 50% NL and 50% foreign, which is positive.
  • Several teams started and are well on their way. For example sysadmin, the partytent team is busy designing a party area, mobelhaus started gathering needs, the badge team has a prototype and sponsorships, several sponsorship offers are made. Productiehuis is making a tender. The power team has their first expenses. First streamlining of onboarding volunteers was held. Also the POC team is starting up. - At the end of the meetings teams have the possibility to give updates in more detail.
  • And of course, as a famous former president once said: "covid covid covid covid".

14:10 Feedback on corona strategy (stitch)

A blogpost has been published by the safety and info team regarding how the projectleiding deals with the Corona situation. You can find that here: [[1]]

In summary there are now two breakpoints planned:

  • beginning december 2020: knowledge about the second wave
  • April 2021: Better idea of interest from visitors

Additionally we'll check the situation monthly from then, if need be.

The fact is we're navigating uncharted waters. And this brings a lot of uncertainties: for example we don't know if a vaccine is ready or if we need it at all. Another fact is that economic damage is massive and the incentive of everyone around the world is to get back to a more normal social situation. This gives hope.

Dealing with corona is fast and slow at the same time.

  • A few weeks ago The dutch government has published a roadmap with levels. Level 1 allows an event. Higher levels probably wont.
  • New measurements are being taken around the world. Vaccines are being developed of which 6 are scheduled to be handed out next summer. Quick testing is being developed and pushed by business oriented political organizations (eg vno ncw).

See [[2]] [[3]]

All feedback is welcome, we might not respond but it gets read. Things we're being asked often are:

  • Might the event be online only?
  • Will it be postponed a year?

The answer for now is: if we don't focus on a physical event in 2021, there will not be one, even if we are allowed to. We think there is a good chance it will happen.

We're seeing a lot of ad-hoc management from the relevant governments: NL, DE, BE, DK / western europe. We'll also know that in the winter things will suck more, and it that paints a different picture than we had during the field day. So don't focus on the short term and focus on making this event happen.


  • > regional measures possible: do you think that is relevant for an international event?
  • < Nino: we're dealing with a region government (veiligheidsregio). Their decisions influence our event. At the moment we know things: wash your hands and distance. But that might change depending on strategy.
  • > The original plan was a go/no go in december
  • < This has been replaced by breakpoints. There is communication with the municipality. There are things we need to take into account. We have to adapt to changing situations.

14:15 Blog introduction (Boekenwuurm)

We have a first blogpost. Backend is a Wordpress system, we pass it to a vue based website.

We also need content. There is an info team wiki page about getting things published:

We help you with getting your content published, sanity check etc, but don't micro manage.

Expect that we reach out to teams to ask what they are working on.


  • > Can it be anything or event related
  • < Anything event related: all subject regarding that are welcome.

14:25 How declarations work, what forms there are (Attilla)

We're continuing with the same process we had in 2017. This is where you can find how to make an expense for the event.

Yes: you really do need to create a PDF with receipt. This is needed for the accountant, and this is small effort to do so.

Advance payments are also possible.

14:30 Overview of budget, possible strategies (Attilla)

A mail has been sent with an overview of the budget:

The big question here is "what is the ticket price going to be".

We see that costs for everything is increasing. We wanted to keep it at the same price. We see now additional risks/costs, such as costs for corona precautions.

There is about 20% unforeseen. This boils down to 1.2 million euros. We expect income from things from food court, bar, kartents and other small stuff Sponsoring is a larger revenue stream The bulk is ticket price.

In the images you can see changes in the ticket price. Every image has a different price. The range in the images is from 290 to 360. 360 is a safe estimate, but it's also much higher.

  • > Feedback:
  • - The idea is that the price will rise over time in a few moments. (±3).
  • - Please make clear that increases will happen over time, so there are no surprises
  • - Also announce that that 360 is the safe number: but whomever can pay 360 should. A ticket with the safe price should be in the chat.
  • - Will there be a limit on batches over time?
  • --> then you can't tell in
  • - please keep it in the safe range
  • - another idea is: lower prices in batches of N. And release those over time. But have the safe price available.
  • --> make sure that people know what they can expect. Versus the idea of scarcity.
  • - what happens if it gets cancelled?
  • --> Answer attilla: intent is to pay everyone back for covid reasons. It takes some time to pay everything back because of VAT that is returned after 3 months.
  • - Mention what happens on cancellation.
  • - How is the risk if far less tickets are being bought
  • --> Answer attilla: The minimum now is set to 3200. There might be discussion for 3000. The costs don't go down: for larger events those costs don't go down.
  • - Compared to last event?
  • --> ANswer attilla: Last event we had 3500 people.
  • - Is there any insurance possible?
  • --> ANswer attilla: No there is no insurance to cover costs because of corona cancellation. There are breakpoint meetings scheduled before the large amounts of costs are being paid. We currently have about 35000 euro and pay small amounts with that. Until april. For example large terrain costs happen in May.
  • - kickstarter offers the full price, early bird and medium prices. Full price can always be paid.
  • --> Answer attilla: will check the capability of the ticket shop
  • - Is it an idea to boost the higher prices with some goodies (such as with kickstarter)
  • --> Answer attilla: we should not make it more complicated as it already is

... BREAK until 15:10

15:10 (when available) Sneak peek of the design (Boekenwuurm)

The ideas are: colorful, interesting physics and generative. There is no final design yet, but there is a moodboard in the direction we're going.

We want to have something flowery, butterfly, kaleidscope etc. The first version of the generator is online here: The moodboard is here:

First round of feedback is requested:

  • Channel is very positive. Positive comments.
  • > How does this work with may contain hackers?
  • < There will be one main generated Flower/Butterfly etc combination that is very usable for merchendising. Anyone else can make their own revision.
  • The team already knows that the current moodboard is not fit for embroiding or printing. This will be taken into account for production.
  • < It's a mix between nature and technical work: equations.
  • < I also see this as a sustainability angle
  • < I like the prismatic aspect
  • < I can totally see this work on slides and background
  • < Is there an idea if the fonts work?
  • > The alice font looks nice and probably works better in distortions. We're experimenting with this and there might be other fonts.
  • < Are there any parts from the badge that can be used, to integrate that.
  • > There are some ideas about that, but not yet matured. This is a sneak polishing, which is always a good idea with prisms.
  • < i'm rather liking it
  • < The chat is very positive about the refraction
  • < The prism effect is very usable, and can that be altered or changing over time?
  • > It's all animated and svg, so animation should be possible.
  • < For merch: I think the refraction theme is something that could work... if you stylise that a bit and fanning out.

15:30 Open stage for team updates and discussion

Team Content

We have published the CfP in September. We've received 25 submissions of 17 submitters. Talks are ongoing with high profile speakers. This is business as usual, and in line with earlier events. We also have published the curatino guideline on the orga wiki, for the first time. We will publish a series of blogs about content. This helps with transparency.

Things the wider orga can do is pointing their favourite people to the CfP.

More info:

Power team

A 400 kw of power is being requested (netstroom). There will be few more peakshavers (big battery units). If liander gives green light we can have a generator free event.

Last time we had 1Megawatt of available power. We used about 400. If we look at CCC camp data we see peaks are not that high and average power is enough.

> There is an option for several units for power generation


Basically creating the tender. We know in a few months what the prices will be for equipment.


Working on crowd management because of servings, seatings, queues. Still puzzling with it.

  • > What are the AV requirements you have.
  • < Due to a lot of changing stuff we could not answer that yet
  • > will there be stroopwafels


Furniture is being added to the pretix system. Everyone who orders a tent can also order furniture.


We're making parts lists for Boels.

We'll contact teams in the future if they have any furhter requirments.


Sold 942 gift cards, 210 donations. All in is ±60.000 euros. There have been few expired orders. Seems to be still progressing rather nicely.


The team is fully staffed. Tasks have been delegated. We're on full power now.

We're open for suggestions and requirements.

  • > How are things looking for ticketing system?
  • < We have the zammad ticketing system operational which can be used by other teams as well


We started detailed planning. A kickoff tonight. We want to run autoregistratoin important for covid, we're on track.


Includes first aid, fire brigade and safety on terrain. Currently working on the safety plan for the permit and have a safe event together.

One of the things we're working on is making a system where you can evaluate if your team, your village is doing things safely. We can help you evaluate that with you. This will be set up in the next months. If you are planning and you need us to think about security, please contact us. We're most willing to help and to create a safe event.


Not much has happened. We don't have a global terrain picture yet. Trying very hard to get something to you soon, in the next couple of weeks.


We've had a summer hybernation. We're waking up.

Now that we have the first design ideas we can really start.

There is a variety of project on a shortlist that we're going to discuss after this meeting.

Closing @ 15:55.

Location, getting there, parking



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