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Exact name Stickers
Generated Design (experiment here)
Description Stickers which can be earned by MCH2022 visitors
Has website
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Tags Stickers
Located at village Village:CTF
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Visitors of MCH2022 can earn stickers by participating in activities as an reward, incentive and for promotion. Sticker activities will include:

  • Visit MCH2022 (getting this first sticker is easy!)
  • Participate in an Angel shift (Info: [[1]])
  • Participate in the CTF (Info: Village:CTF)
  • Participate in the Secret Token challenge (Info: Village:CTF)
  • Participate in a Badge sweatshop, or contribute something to the badge such as an app (Info: [[2]])
  • Donate to the Bring and Donate cause:
 Get the limited hacker slogan "Share & Enjoy" sticker by donating to Ukraine. We are grateful to be able to Enjoy MCH2022 in a time where our freedom is no longer guaranteed, while at the same time being able to Share what we can to aid Ukraine.

The supply of each sticker is limited, meaning that when we run out, there wont be new stickers.

Sticker designs

  • All designs were generated using the Design generator on
  • The design was then manually transformed to form the logos.
  • For each logo the text input for the design generator is listed.


Design generator text: "MCH2022 CTF"

MCHlogo CTF v1.svg

Secret Tokens

Design generator text: "Secret Tokens"

MCHlogo SecretTokens v1.svg


Design generator text: "Angel"

MCHlogo Angel v1.svg


Design generator text: "Badge"

MCHlogo Badge v1.svg

Share and Enjoy

Design generator text: "Share and Enjoy" + 1 extra line for more color

MCHlogo Share v1.svg


Note: Since the Content Team already has a really nice sticker for the speakers we dropped the speaker sticker in favor of being able to add another sticker within the budget.

Sticker mockup

MCH sticker mockup 1.png


MCH sticker mockup 2.png

(ignore the shitty print quality)