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Village Name MCH2022 CTF


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Contact Thice,,
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Description The official MCH2022 Capture The Flag
Preferred Location 52° 17' 3.44" N, 5° 31' 26.04" E
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Interests ctf
, capture the flag
capture the flag
, wargames
, hacking
Registered on 3 June 2022 16:34:31
Hosts self-organized sessions No
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Asby Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Everything for the MCH2022 CTF
Thice Verfied.png Wed Jul 20 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Everything for the MCH2022 CTF
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Village plans ... run a kitchen for our citizens, ... play loud music and party, ... bring light installations, ... bring some special machines
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May Contain Flags!

MCHlogo CTF v1.svg

The MCH2022 CTF (Capture the Flag) is the official CTF of the MCH2022 hacker camp. The CTF consists of multiple hacking related challenges in multiple difficulty levels and is once again organized by the same team that organized the OHM2013 and SHA2017 CTFs. However, this year the CTF will have a stronger focus on the on-site visitors of MCH2022. The CTF contains multiple beginner and intermediate challenges, and is also suited if you never played a CTF before. It further contains on-site challenges which you can find in the CTF tent, where you can also get some help with the challenges or play together with others players. Check the map to see where you can find us on the campground and good luck in the CTF!

You can find more information on the CTF on the CTF website

Follow us on Twitter for news and information:

Join our Discord for news and if you have any questions, need help or want to meet other CTF players:

May Contain Tokens!

MCHlogo SecretTokens v1.svg

Besides the CTF, the CTF team also organizes a Secret Token challenge on MCH2022. The Secret Token challenge is a scavenger hunt kind of game. There will be Secret Tokens hidden all over the MCH2022 Campsite, digital systems, websites, or just a random place related to MCH2022. Participants are invited to try to find as many tokens as possible and try to get the high-score on the scoreboard.

More information on the Secret Token challenge can be found on the Secret Token Project page: Projects:Secret_Tokens To submit your first token go to:

CTF Teaser

CTF teaser.png