Team:Family/meeting 2022-06-27

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Team:Family/meeting 2022-06-27
Name MCH2022 Team:Family meeting
StartDate 2022/06/27 20:00:00
EndDate 2022/06/27 21:00:00


This page is part of the Team:Family of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

Team:Family/meeting 2022-06-27


Current attendance estimate Based on Conference attendance: 2683 Kids > 2006 (<16 y/o): 58 Kids > 2010 (<12 y/o): 86 Kids > 2016 (<6 y/o): 63 Total kids: 207 / 7.77% Total expected conference: 2800 Total expected kids (7.77%): 218

Previous Pad:


CTF tent location

Orga and CTF are both aware of the issue and are understanding. After the last orga meeting, Stitch messaged redLizard. There may be some confusion based on the recent email from Konmei:

From CTF organisers, we’ve heart that team:terrein is going to move them

Status: in progress, we monitor to see if the CTF tent gets moved. Moved this item to the global todo list.

AV equipment


Sorry dat we dit niet duidelijk hebben teruggespeeld maar ja; er is een workshopset voor jullie geregeld bestaande uit een speakersysteem, mengtafeltje, microfoons (1x wireless headset + 2x handheld bekabeld), en een 65” LED display.

Totale kosten €1027 excl. BTW


conclusion: 60-70m should do! Van Cranenbroek has them for approx 12,50 per 20m (excluding poles/caps)

Status: TODO: get this stuff -> moved to global shopping list

camper for families

camper area’s are already assigned. we dont have much room to push for a family zone section. if someone with a camper wants to pick this topic up, thats fine.

@aloft followed up on this: Feedback from the terrain people on the camper area: they will divide the camper area in high/medium/low noise areas, although no-noise cannot be achieved due to the location. So for families that join by camper, that division might help. As soon as the wiki is updated for this, we can refer to that from the family pages. Status: in progress, we monitor to see if the wiki gets updated. Moved this item to the global todo list.

Child care

We’ve requested 2 parking places.

Status: in progress, we monitor to wait a response. Moved this item to the global todo list.


UPDATE: We should follow up on the angel system, to allow for shifts and such -> [Sim] / [Pikachu]

    • two separate angel types: kids-angel and normal family-angel
    • separate schedules/shifts have been created for our area
    • other teams ask: they want some kids (productionhuis?, other team?)
    • how to deal with kids (they could have a parent with them?)
    • important: ensure that teams do not think this to be child-care, but more that the children are actually contributing (otherwise, don’t do it). Should be a fun thing which is also useful.
    • Ability to specify in Angel System the ability to specify “constallations” of Angels, ie “2 Adults + 1 Kids Angel”. This converstaion should be discussed with the Volunteer Team [Pikachu]

DONE: Align with team projectleiding (ask Boekenwuurm) regarding who is considered orga (and can eat), specifically asking for spouses + kids [Pikachu] -> result: spouses/kids not included by default!!! need more shifts

DONE: are foodvoucher date-fixed? <- Yes they are (with some room for flexibility) [Pikachu]

In-Progress: Align with team volunteers (ask Sebastius) regarding the food vouchers for angel shifts [Pikachu]

Incoming mail

check if there is even a booklet?

There is a booklet. We have submitted content

Status: Done

No kids during buildup and teardown

Current proposal from Sebastius, to be finilized by projectleiding:

Although we love child labour as much as everyones, buildup is quite unsafe for kids. Last time (2017) we had a few scares involving children, which we do not want to repeat. Therefor we came up with the following timeline:

Thursday July 14, up to and including Tuesday July 19 (day -2) kids < 12 are NOT allowed on field. Kids older than 12 helping out with a parent/caretaker nearby are allowed, but be very aware that the entire field is not a place to explore and play. They MUST wear a high-vis at all times when outside their tent, even during non-working hours. If the child is not helping out, they should be in a designated safe area (to be determined by team Terrain) where Manitous and other heavy equipment will not roam. If a parent/caretaker fails in their task of keeping the child out of harms way, they will be asked to leave the field and come back on day -1 at the earliest.

Tuesday 19 we expect the last mayor deliveries (Boels Party stuff, big things with tables and chairs etc) and that requires a lot of Manitou Manouvering from Manduca and his crew.

Wednesday 20 - Day -1 should be the first day we allow kids < 12 on the field. This is the day village buildup is probably beginning, but i can’t find the details on their wiki page. This day and the next few days we’ll still be seeing the Manitous graze the fields but hopefully at a slower speed and with guidance from a lookout.

Status: Monitor and update our communications when this policy becomes final.

Incoming mail

Mail from VPRO

Sim drafted a response and created a tweet. Haakjes published the tweet. @gori (from the press team, who is also a parent) has engaged with VPRO.

Status: DONE

mail team:security

TODO: talk to team safety regarding what to do when there are complains.

missing children protocol

TODO: take the missing children protocol of last time and put it on the wiki, and we’ll discuss team safety and we’ll also use this during the drill (suggested time: same as last time, the night before the actual start of the event).

TODO: ask team safety for their plan (Boekenwuurm). Based on this, we’ll see if we do a separate meeting with team safety, or discuss during build-up.

mail from stitch: Blogpost about the family village

DONE: ask stitch if the current blog post and mailing are insufficient ==> followup post to be done shortly, when project list updated ‘FamilyZone’ getting up to speed or smth. Haakjes asked Stitch, turns out that Stitch was unaware of the previous blogpost and mailing. No further action required.

Status: DONE

Frank Stäter: Free stuff for kids

DONE Followup inquiry by Pikachu

might be interesting to follow up regarding plush toys


We created projects in the Wiki for all the projects

Project Finances TODO: Add link to Wiki [mike]

Talks / Workshops

Sim and haakjes to coordinate and get content schedule integrated

In progress: Coordinate with team:content regarding Village content in the MCH2022 programme, we had access but it is revoked because of issues with the pretalx system DONE Haakjes and fhp added wiki pages for talks / workshops

    • Minecraft server for kids

TODO: We should link/reference talks and workshops not on Family Zone

    • ‘Create your own dough monster with lights for eyes!’ workshop on hamilton field (also referred from FamZone) See
    • HHA is aware that we’re interetsted in Kids Talks, and have 2 kids events on their schedule last time I checked.

TODO: ask villages if we can pick a time to visit with interested kids (sim and haakjes to email villages list about this) Wanted: hardware hacking workshop for kids? Wanted: introducing kids to ham radio? Wanted: Card games/Board Games Wanted: Frisbees Wanted: Lock picking for kids? In the meeting, we go through the list of projects

Team:Family/Ballpit : Done Team:Family/Bamboestiek :

    • Needs Owner, Order the peices if we have budget, under low priority

Team:Family/Bouncy Castle : Done Team:Family/Child Care : Done Team:Family/Hammocks :

    • Was proposed by Deco. [Robert / tuatha] volunteers to take this one with [mike]. Write out a plan (Hammocs, beamer, sheet (for screen), rope, etc


Team:Family/Large Lego Blocks : Done Team:Family/Microbit workshop

    • [Deponald] Requests Space and Time. We can commit that.
    • Done: update the Wiki that is a screen and everything needed for a presentation [fhp]

Team:Family/Minecraft Server Admin For Your Kids

    • [haakjes] is prepared to run a demo for parents who are interested


    • [Ralf] (?) will bring supplies
    • We need to assist with transport and moving tables, etc.
    • We will notify Team:Fire
    • Is there any issue with using Orga Budget to ‘sell’ Pizza?
      • if it’s in budget then, OK, but not allowed to ‘sell’ food on the field. ‘For Donation’ is fine [Boekenuurm]
      • Discuss with [Ralf] that this should be a Kids-centric Workshop (with strongly-advised donation), not a Camp PizzaShop.
    • TODO: Budget needs to be approved.

Team:Family/Pluch-toy pool

    • [stef] has plush toys
    • Need to locate in the corner of the play tent.
    • Beer Benches and Inflatable Swimming Pool

Team:Family/Sandpit :

    • Done: This will be delivered. Update the wiki that it will be delivered [mike]


    • [sim] on it! Creating a “story”.
    • Estimates <100 EURO budget

Team:Family/Waterguns Team:Family/MineCraft [reference link]

    • [pikachu] offers a server for minecraft. [haakjes + pikachu]