Team:Family/meeting 2022-07-14

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Team:Family/meeting 2022-07-14
Name MCH2022 Team:Family meeting
StartDate 2022/07/14 20:00:00
EndDate 2022/07/14 21:00:00


This page is part of the Team:Family of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

Current attendance estimate Based on

  Conference attendance: 3072
  Kids > 2006 (<16 y/o): 61
  Kids > 2010 (<12 y/o): 90
  Kids > 2016 (<6 y/o): 72
  Total kids: 223



2 new types:

  • Family runner (16+)
  • Family minion (16-)
  • Perhaps mail to teams beginning next week

TODO: check with volunteering if they will be blogging and ask to mention kid shifts? TODO: plan an introduction? not sure if and when DONE: ask volunteering for planning our own shifts


DONE (mike): Update wiki with the current knowledge regarding children during buildup )(See Haakjes's email to Orga List) DONE (mike): Update wiki and replace the old things (

TODO (boekenwurm): talk to team safety regarding what to do when there are complains.


To everybody who takes $$$ stuff to the field:

This week we need to complete the list of insured equipment. If you have equipment in your team with a value > €2500/item and want to have it insured under our central festival insurance I would like to receive the following:

- Team - Item description - Serial# or other unique identifier (if available) - List price incl VAT - Added bonus: photo of item

TODO: Only possible thing is the ballpit / sandthingies -> fhp will check, probably nothing


Proposed plan on

  • No direct access to PretalX
  • Talks/Workshops are entered in PretalX by the speakers or by us, with note that this is for the family zone track
  • Haakjes and Sim will tell Team:Content when the talks/workshops should be scheduled


"as you might have heard, we had some trouble getting the water infrastructure ramped up since we were let down by the supplier. As we need to do most of the infrastructure by ourselves now, we would like to ask you to *register* with Henry (hp197), who is in cc of this mail, if you need some sort of water connection."

DONE: add jerrycans to the shopping list (fhp)


Welcoming the villages

Welcome to OSSO!


Kids Disco

TODO: Mike will pick this up, what we need to do on our side is find someone that is able to come up with the music.

  • the DJ Tent Schedule is pretty open, it shouldn't be hard to find a time. I prefer Sunday afternoon, but I don't want to overlap TheAnyKey's robotics talk. Still need a DJ.

TODO: Add to wiki as a project

  • Sunday: 14:30 - 16:00
  • We need a DJ: TODO: mike sends email to [Family] mailinglist, asking for someone playing as a DJ
  • TODO: mike: confirm the time with the party/bar team
  • TODO: haakjes forwards the message to twitter


Status: looking for anyone who really really wants this. If not, we'll decide last minute if we have budget available and just order it if we have.

Decision: we buy the stuff, we have the budget, so we confirm around 500 euros for this.

TODO: fhp: order this stuff and put it in the budget

Child care

  • DONE: Added something to eat/drink to the shopping list
  • No lunch provided, parents should bring their kinds after their lunch or pick them up before their lunch
  • Possible: small trips organized by the child care if they are not fully booked, do some activities, if parents approve (form-verified)
  • Outside area: fence off an outside area, connected to the workshop tent
  • TODO: add the fencing off to the build-up plan
  • DONE: Need a contact person that is on the field on Friday morning: Haakjes will be there on Friday already
  • TODO: Got parking tickets. Working on getting the last ones finished (needs names, etc as they are coming with multiple cars)
  • No timeslots was fine, they can call parents after 3-4 hours if capacity is needed.


Aimed at older kids to hang out, watch a movie and play a game Added to Shopping List, 200 EURO Approved (will likely stay below) DONE 10 hammocks have been ordered and delivered to my house DONE Stich1 will provide beamer TODO how to find stitch at camp? TODO Add Samla + rope to TODO Need some (a lot?) of rope to help tie the hammocks to trees DONE Ronald will bring a beamer screen TODO Arrange power extention cord - people to bring it from home (40m total needed) TODO Specify Buildup (friday) /Teardown (tuesday)

Raketles ??

tuatha - my wife teaches science classes at various basisscholen and is interested in delivering a class for kids (groep 5/6 age IIRC) Lots of water + science and a rocket that flies a few meters in the air. Safety concerns? TODO: Schedule as a workshop (make a project and select time / location - Stef knows how to do this) TODO: Add any ingredients to shopping list


  • Good to go
  • TODO: fhp will order the stuff
   * also available from the same store:
       * Pool for Plusch-toys
       * Waterguns (if we're OK paying list price instead of by the crate)
       * Frisbees

Pluch-toy pool

  • TODO: fhp send mail to family
  • TODO: haakjes tweet the mail


Focus on the project as a "Workshop" with a preset number of people per workshop. Sign-up ahead of time.

One workshop. Need to determine date. Saturday or Monday (due to availabilty supermarkets for fresh ingredients). Maybe Monday best to have more time for people to signup.

how many people? 50 pizza spots (for example: 25 kids with a parent)

Budget request for 400 EUR (see Wiki:

We have two pizza ovens (aloft && c4lc)

gas tank can be used from fhp && aloft , expected usage is 1.5-2kg of gas.

  • Budget is confirmed, 400 euros


  • Sim got things from someone else that we could use
  • Pikachu helps with translations into German
  • Age: 7-11

Status: Basic hunt/escape is ready, mostly paper/print based. Arranged some stuff to augment it, not sure if will make it in time. (nice to have, not required) Todo: Augment it (optional) Todo: Determine the walking route, print enough signs, laminate them etc. Todo: Place it in the schedule, decide if workshop style (once or twice) or just give people the challenges and let them do it on their own (requires a bit more field testing)


miniproject Frisbees

(Or larger Frisbee Golf like @ SHA2017)

  • Add some frisbees to the shopping list
  • Perhaps we can even get some frisbee golfs


  • TODO: haakjes will add this as a workshop
  • TODO: pikachu requests

Shopping list

Buildup plan

  • TODO: make a plan for the build-up, so things go smooth and do not take too much time